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Vocento Social


General Policy for Corporate Responsibility

In 2015, VOCENTO approved the Code of Good Tax Practices on the suggestion of the Audit and Compliance Committee.

Worked internally to establish a General Policy for Corporate Responsibility, with the aim of maintaining the Company’s activity in the long term and creating value for stakeholders in accordance with the principles of ethics, transparency and good governance, and as a result:

  • Assume responsibility for our impacts.
  • Analyse and manage risks from a global perspective.
  • Encourage dialogue with readers, advertisers and employees to help the Company meet its social goal.
  • Comply with legal requirements.


Fixed employment contracts now 90.03% of the total, up 1.09 P.P. from 2014

Anti-harassment protocol

Vocento company Comeresa implemented a protocol against sexual and psychological harassment.

Work-life balance and equal opportunities

Vocento signed up to the EFR model for companies which are aware of their responsibilities to families, as a way of improving the work-life balance and ensuring equal opportunities.

Social Action

Vocento’s total contribution to Social Action: €1,471,042 (according to the model of the London Benchmarking Group):

Of this spending, the lion’s share, 62.3%, went to Art and Culture; 16.7% to Social Welfare; 8.1% to Other Initiatives; 5.4% to Education and Youth; 3.1% to Health; and 4.4% to Economic Development.

Culture Workshops Vocento Foundation

These events host leading national and international cultural figures and provide a major cultural programme in the cities that are home to group newspapers. In 2015, there were:

  • 208 conferences
  • 54,200 participants.

Awards and recognition

Journalists and companies of Vocento received a total of 27 awards recognising outstanding professional performance.