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The leading informational publication in Extremadura is HOY. It was born on 1 January 1933, and joined the Group in 1988. It is the most read newspaper in Extremadura, with 139.000 readers (according to the EGM*) and circulation of 12.094 copies (according to the OJD**).

The newspaper is diversified into various editions, which allow it to have a closer relationship with readers and with the society of the region: these editions are in Cáceres, Mérida and Plasencia. The information of each weekday is complemented throughout the week with specialist supplements.

HOY has established a strong multimedia position thanks to its local portal and to the launch of applications such as ‘Hoy Hiperlocales’, which provides mobile phone users with news from every corner of Extremadura. We must add him the 921.000 unique users with whom it counts the newspaper on his website (according to information of ComScore MMX December, 2014).

(*) EGM: 3rd mobile survey of 2014
(**) OJD: January-December 2014