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El Diario Montañés

El Diario Montañés

The leading newspaper in Cantabria was born on 1 August 1902 and joined the Group in 1984. It is very influential in its home town of Santander and the rest of the region. Currently it has 147.000 readers (according to the EGM*) and circulation of 26.381 copies (according to the OJD**).

EL DIARIO MONTAÑÉS completes its editorial offering with a full range of supplements, which are designed to respond to the needs of an increasingly specialised and diverse readership.

The multimedia structure consists of a local portal which provides information and news about all the various regions of the province. On his website portal it possesses 649.000 unique users (according to information of ComScore MMX December, 2014).

(*) EGM: 3rd mobile survey of 2014
(**) OJD: January-December 2014