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El Correo

El Correo

The first edition of EL CORREO was published on May 1st 1910. The newspaper is a fast-moving and dynamic publication which continues to be the most widely read in Álava and Vizcaya, with a total of 410.000 readers (according to EGM* data) and circulation of 77.237 copies (according to the OJD**).

The newspaper’s efforts to get closer to the reality of its readers, and an influence which extends well beyond the region of Vizcaya, have resulted in the launch of various editions, including Vizcaya itself, Álava, Guipúzcoa, Miranda de Ebro, and La Rioja.

As well as an online portal, EL CORREO has also launched mobile applications including ‘Don Celes’ and ‘Innova Bilbao 2014’. The journal possesses 2.198.000 unique users (according to information of ComScore MMX December, 2014).

(*) EGM: 3rd mobile survey of 2014
(**) OJD: January-December 2014