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In the Internet area of the Regional Media, Vocento has local portals that are leaders in their markets, thanks to their strong commitment to information and to the coverage of local news and events: El Correo, El Diario Vasco, El Diario Montañés, La Verdad, Ideal, Hoy, Sur, La Rioja, El Norte de Castilla, El Comercio, La Voz de Cádiz and Las Provincias. All of these newspapers have deployed an integrated strategy for mobility and for new terminals, so that their users can access information when they want, how they want, and where they want. The content of the newspapers is now available on all the new mobile devices, from the most basic devices to smartphones, and native applications have been developed for the iPhone and for the Kindle, the e-book reader from Amazon.

The local portals, supported by the strength of their brands, include as channels the classified advertising sites: autocasion.com, tusanuncios.com, Infoempleo.com and pisos.com; directories (11870.com) and the group's specialist vertical portals: Finanzas.com, mujerhoy.com, hoymotor.com and hoycinema.com.