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Vocento Prize for Human Values

This award highlights the group's committment to basic human values and rights. It attaches particular importance to respect for freedom and support for ideas and culture.

When awarding the prize, the sensitivity of certain institutions at key moments is taken into account. For example, the Board of Directors of Vocento decided to award the Prize for Human values to the Real Academia de la Lengua in 2004 in recognition of its work in strengthening the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking community, coinciding the special date of the the Fourth Centenary of Don Quixote

2007 Enrique Figaredo For its humanitarian job, spending his time especially working for children that have suffered marginalization, consequences of war and mutilations.
2006 Miguel Delibes For his defence of freedom, exercised through journalism, his sensitivity towards the underprivileged, and his love of Nature throughout his brilliant literary career.
2005 Real Academia de la Lengua For its constant promotion, through the language, of understanding between Spanish-speaking peoples and for the creation of new instruments that strengthen the use of Spanish.
2004 Centro de Emergencias Madrid 112 For the work done in the terrorist attack on 11 March 2004: for solidarity, compassion and selflessness.
2002 Valentí Fuster For his outstanding contributions in the field of heart ailments and treatment, and for his work in the prevention of heart disease.
2001 Adolfo Suarez For his contribution to the process of democratic transition.
2000 Nicole Fontaine Steadfast defender of freedom of expression against terrorism.
1999 Aitana Sánchez Gijón Actress and ex-President of the Spanish Academy of Arts and Cinema.
1998 Margarita Salas y Eladio Viñuela Doctors and researchers into Molecular Biology.
1997 Arturo Pérez Reverte Journalist and writer.
1996 Carmen Iglesias Member of the Council of State and President of the Centre of Constitutional Studies.