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Vocento joins 11870.com to lead the market for leisure and directories on the Net

  • 11870.com is an innovative social network that allows users to discover places and services through recommendations

Madrid, May 8th 2009.- Vocento is entering the market for online leisure and service directories through 11870.com. This innovative project sets itself apart from traditional directories in allowing the users themselves to establish the places and services that interest them. The site also offers visitors the possibility of requesting estimates for any type of service, thus helping find the best one available.

11870.com will join Vocento's digital network, offering Internet users a well-known national brand for a local service, the objective is to lead the market for online entertainment and service directories in Spain.

Today, Vocento has finalized an agreement with all shareholders in 11870.com that will allow it to become a major partner in the company, holding 33% of the capital. This transaction will add social networks to Vocento's Internet business portfolio.

This operation integrates leisure and service directories into Vocento's network of online portals through one of Spains's most visited and innovative websites. The agreement states that the founding team and directors of 11870.com will remain with the company, thus guaranteeing that the project's growth will be consolidated with the same team that it began with. Among them is Jesús Encinar, founder and president of 11870.com and one of the most notable and succesful Internet entrepreneurs in Spain.

During the signing of the agreement, Encinar pointed out "Vocento's generous collaborative attitude, their trust in the team and in our way of doing things". Jose Manuel Vargas, "the Group enters the project with the hope that 11870.com will lead the market for entertainment and directories in Spain thanks to a combination of a product that is so innovative in the market and the power

In the two years since its launch, during February of 2007, 11870.com has become one the most innovative and attractive websites among those based in Spain, as well as a peculiar social network that allows thousands of users to save and share the services they find the most attractive thanks to recommendations, opinions, pictures and videos anywhere in the world. In this way, a user can access a constantly updated city-guide, virtual cardholder, service directory and social network through one single Website.

Currently, 11870.com has nearly 14.000 registered users and more than 110.000 reviews of over 80.000 places and services. Every month the website registers over a million unique visitors and generates 8.000 opinions and over 4.500 pictures and videos. Last April it counted 3,5 million pageviews.

This operation completes Vocento's strategy for positioning and leadership online. Once again, last March the combined ratings of the Group's digital portals placed Vocento at the top of the ranking for Internet Media, according to Nielsen Netview .


Vocento is one of Spain's leading multimedia communications groups thanks to the influence of its brands, which have a presence in all areas of information and entertainment, such as press, supplements, magazines, television, radio, audiovisual production, film distribution and Internet.

The Company structures its brands on the Internet in three areas: digital information portals (ABC, Qué!, El Correo, El Diario Vasco, El Diario Montañés, La Verdad, Ideal, Hoy, Sur, La Rioja, El Norte de Castilla, El Comercio, La Voz de Cádiz and Las Provincias); thematic portals (Finanzas.com, Mujerhoy.com and Hoycinema.com) and classified websites (Pisos.com, Infoempleo.com and Hoymotor.com).