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In a challenging environment

Vocento increases advertising market share and improves EBITDA in Print Media and Internet

  • Continued cost efficiency improves the performance of loss-making businesses.
  • Advertising revenues from the Internet area increased by 12.1%, outperforming the market.
  • The group's financial position continues to differentiate it from the sector, with net debt of 119.2 million euros.

Madrid, 11 November 2011.- Despite the extremely challenging economic environment, which is having a particular impact on advertising spend, Vocento's results for the first nine months of 2011 show that the group has been able to increase its share of advertising in the print press and on the Internet, thanks to the potential of its brands.

Advertising revenues from the Internet area increased by 12.1%, well ahead of the 8.5% growth rate of the market. The Internet now provides 13.6% of the group's total advertising revenues, improving the revenue profile of Vocento, with more revenues now coming from segments which have high potential for future growth.

In addition, the group continued its cost efficiency drive in the first nine months of the year, with costs down 1.7%, improving the performance of our loss-making businesses.

Total revenues in the first nine months of the year were 515.2 million euros, just 2.9% less than in the same period in the previous year, reflecting mainly the continued fall in advertising. EBITDA, adjusted for the investment made in restructuring, fell by 24.3% to 22.7 million euros, although the Print Media and Internet areas reported a higher level of EBITDA than in the same period in the previous year.

In a difficult environment for the media sector, Vocento continues to have a financial position that differentiates it from its peers, with net debt of 119.2 million euros and cash of 41 million euros, enabling it to face up to current challenges from a financially healthy position.

Results by business area

In Print Media, adjusted EBITDA improved by 2.7% to 25 million euros. ABC reduced its losses by 7.1 million euros, thanks to the impact of cost reduction measures. Cost reductions also improved the performance of Qué!, where losses narrowed by 19.4%.

In the Audiovisual area, revenues increased by 12.1% as a result of the start of operations of the full multiplex. The four channels of Net TV now have a combined 4.35% share of the audience. The radio business was awarded eight new licenses in Andalusia, three in the Canary Islands, and two in Cantabria, consolidating the value of the radio network. In addition, October saw the launch of ABC Punto Radio, a multi-channel initiative supported by all the different formats of the ABC brand.

Revenues from the Internet area increased by 2%, with advertising rising by 12.1%, compared to the 8.5% growth of the market. In particular, ABC.es recorded a 15.9% increase in advertising revenues, while revenues from Classifieds increased by 12.5% with advertising revenues up 15.4%.

The continued growth of advertising spending, combined with cost controls in all areas of the Internet business, led to an improvement in adjusted EBITDA to a positive level of 1.3 million euros.


Vocento is a leading multimedia company in Spain, thanks to the strength of its brands, which have a significant presence in all areas of information and entertainment, including the press, supplements, magazines, television, radio, audiovisual production, film distribution, and the Internet.
The nationwide, regional and local positioning of Vocento, its permanent commitment to innovation, and the strength of its brands, enable the company to extend its reach beyond its competitors, covering almost 35 million people, according to the EGM. More information at www.vocento.com.