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Vocento ended the first quarter with net profit of 2.9 million euros

  • The Group has increased its market share, and as a result advertising is outperforming the sector average
  • EBITDA has been maintained at 6 million euros, in line with the first quarter of 2008, thanks to cost control efforts in all areas.
  • The financial position has been been improved by 20 million euros.
  • The Group is the leader of the media sector in the Press and on the Internet.

Madrid, 14 de mayo 2009.- The good performance of circulation, growth on the Internet, and improved results from the audiovisual area have enabled Vocento to close the first quarter of 2009 with net profit of 2.9 million euros, adjusted EBITDA of 6.02 million euros, and an improvement in its financial position of almost 20 million euros, in spite of the generalized decline in advertising spending.

These results are based on: an advertising outperformance compared to competitors; a significant cost reduction of 31 million euros, across all areas of the business; and a rise in market share, thanks to the solid growth of ABC and the leadership of Vocento on the Internet and in the printed Press, which has put the group in privileged position, from where it will emerge stronger after the crisis.

During this period, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization were 6.02 million euros, practically in line with EBITDA in the same quarter of last year. In addition, Vocento improved its net financial position by 19.8 million euros, which means that the group is able to maintain its strategic focus on its regional brands, on its positioning in national media, on its leadership on the Internet, and on the major opportunity to Vocento that is presented by the new audiovisual landscape.

Advertising in the printed Press and on the Internet outperformed the rest of the market, in spite of the general decline in advertising revenues due to the impact of the economic crisis. In the Internet area, sales rose by 23.9%, compared with the +1.8% increase of the market, according to IAB data for the first quarter of 2009. Meanwhile, advertising spending in the regional and national print media, which fell by 28.1% and 29.4% respectively, declined by less than the market average of 31.2%, according to data for this period from Arce Media.

Results by business area

Vocento was yet again the undisputed leader in print media in the first quarter of the year, according to the first EGM survey of 2009, with total readership of almost 5.4 million, which is more than one million more than its most immediate competitor.

In addition, ABC is the only national daily which has increased its readership, confirming again the good performance of this historic newspaper, which increased circulation for the sixth consecutive quarter, by 8.8% to an average of 271,671 daily copies. For its part, the free daily Qué! has consolidated a readership of more than two million readers, with one million unique online users, while Supplements and Magazines have again reinforced their leadership, with more than 6.5 million readers.

Elsewhere, the twelve regional daily newspapers of Vocento are maintaining their leadership in the regional market, with market share of 26.2%, and revenue growth of 2.3%.

There has been a gradual improvement in efficiency in the Audiovisual area, with EBITDA improving by 4 million euros, thanks, among others, to the progress of the strategic agreement with The Walt Disney Company in national DTT, and the consolidation of the leadership of this channel, which is in the second position of the new DTT theme channels, with market share of 3.1% in March 2009 according to TNS Sofres.

In this period, Punto Radio has improved its results and reinforced its audience, with over half a million listeners in the first EGM survey. Punto Radio has also won three new licenses in Madrid, ahead of the licenses that will be awarded as part of the government's Technical Plan.

National brands which are consumed locally

Vocento has consolidated its position as the leading media group on the Internet, according to the Nielsen Netview ranking for March in 2009, which it has maintained in April, with its online audience increasing by 42% over the last twelve months, thanks to the continuous modernization of group web sites and to the good performance of the portals.

Highlights in this area include the strong performances from: ABC.es, which is the fastest growing portal in its category, with an audience increase of 28%; QUE.es, which has a million unique users; online classifieds, with national brands that are consumed locally, such as pisos.com, up 114%, and infoempleo, up 129%; and vertical portals such as finanzas.com, which has increased its audience by 255%.


Vocento is one of the leading multimedia groups in Spain, thanks to the influence of its brands, which are the basis of the company's solid position on the Internet, in both national and regional media.

ABC is Vocento's major national publication, and its online edition shares the know-how and professional experience that guarantees readers the highest quality of information.

The free daily Qué! contributes to the leadership of Vocento in circulation and in unique users, from the position of a national brand, with a focus across all segments, and provides a critical mass in a new readership.

The regional media businesses, El Correo, El Diario Vasco, El Diario Montañés, La Verdad, Ideal, Hoy, Sur, La Rioja, El Norte de Castilla, El Comercio, La Voz de Cádiz and Las Provincias are local leaders in their areas of action, and are committed to high quality, independent journalism, in close contact with the regions that they serve.

The Company is also the leader in the publication of general supplements (XL Semanal, Mujer Hoy, Pantalla) and specialist magazines (Mi Cartera de Inversión). As with Vocento's other titles, these publications are leveraging the Internet to enable the brands to continue to develop and grow.

Vocento is also one of the main players in the audiovisual and entertainment sector in Spain, in radio (Punto Radio), national DTT (Disney Channel), and also in audiovisual production (including "El show de Mota", "El Gran Prix", "Pasapalabra," "21 dias," and others) and movie distribution ("Sex and the City," "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "Appaloosa").

The leadership of Vocento's brands is reflected in its position in the Nielsen Netview ranking of media companies, which puts the Company in an excellent position to capture the migration online.