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Vocento cuts spending by 13% and absorbs most of the fall in advertising

  • The Company has consolidated its leadership of print media and the Internet, with advertising outperforming the market average
  • The new strategic agreement with Viacom in regional DTT improves the audiovisual positioning ahead of the analogue switch-off
  • In the first half of the year, revenues were 387 million euros, and adjusted EBITDA was 22.2 million euros

Madrid, 30 July 2009.- The strategy and the positioning of Vocento have enabled the company to absorb most of the reduction in advertising revenues of the first half of the year, thanks to its efforts in cost controls, as well as to increase its market share, based on the leadership of its brands, and to outperform its competitors in advertising.

Vocento closed the first half of the year with revenues of 387.4 million euros, net profit of 0.13 million euros, and adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), excluding non-recurring expenses, of 22.5 million euros.

The improvement in efficiency, with a 55.8 million euro cut in operating expenses (-13.3%), excluding non-recurring expenses, and the solid financial position, are enabling the company to support operating developments and to maintain its strategic focus on its regional brands, its positioning in national media, its leadership on the Internet, and on the major opportunity presented to Vocento by the new landscape in the audiovisual sector.

The leadership of the print media readership, with over 5.2 million readers, and the spectacular growth on the Internet (+57%), which had double the year-on-year growth rate of the market in June, have allowed the Group to improve its advertising market share, and to post revenues which have outperformed its competitors.

Specifically, in this period ABC recorded a decline of 26.7% and the regional press a drop of 27.8%, while according to Infoadex the market average was for a 33.1% drop in revenues. In the Internet area, the advertising revenues of Vocento increased by 21.9%, in contrast with a 2.6% rise for the market, according to the same study.

Results by business area

Vocento again enjoyed the undisputed leadership of print media in Spain in the first half of the year, with a readership of more than 5.2 million, according to the second survey of the EGM, or more than one million more readers than its most immediate competitor.

In the regional press business, Vocento has reinforced its dominant position with a market share of 26.2%, according to the OJD, a 2.5% rise in readership from the same period last year.

The ABC daily has increased circulation for the third consecutive half-year, up 4.2%, compared to the overall decline in the market of 12% according to the OJD, and it is the only national daily newspaper which is maintaining a prolonged, stable increase in circulation and in readership, which also outperformed the market (+5.7%).

The free daily Qué! has obtained a readership of almost two million readers, according to the EGM, and has 1.3 million unique users online, while the supplements and magazines of the Group have again reinforced their leadership, with a 5.9% increase in readership from the same period last year, contrasting with a loss in readers of about 3.8% at competitors, according to EGM data.

New agreements and licenses improve the audiovisual positioning

The improved efficiency of the Company is also a highlight of the audiovisual area, with revenues of 57.7 million euros and a 7.6 million euros improvement in EBITDA, thanks, among other factors, to the positive implementation of the strategic agreement with The Walt Disney Company in National DTT, and also to cost reduction efforts.

In the first half of the year, Disney consolidated its leadership of DTT, and was the leading thematic channel on digital television, with market share of 3.7% according to TNS Sofres, at a time when the DTT platform now has penetration of 62.7% and reaches over 10 million households.

These data guarantee the viability of the business model for National DTT, with EBITDA improving by 2.4 million euros from the same period last year, and they also highlight the major opportunity that the Company is facing, with the audiovisual landscape about to be transformed by the analogue switch-off.

In the first half of the year, Vocento reached a new strategic agreement with entertainment production powerhouse Viacom (the global producer of channels including MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Comedy, VH1, Comedy Central and Spike) which will strengthen the regional television business by incorporating high quality content into the schedules of the DTT channels.

The radio station of Vocento, Punto Radio, consolidated its growth in the period, with the incorporation of three new licenses in Madrid, completing its coverage of the region, and two new licenses in Castilla La Mancha. The station enjoyed the highest growth rate of all the nationwide general radio stations, with a 14.9% increase in its audience from 2008, according to the EGM.

Vocento is the fastest growing media group on the Internet

Vocento is consolidating its position as the fastest growing media company online, with a 57% increase in its audience in June from the same month in 2008, according to Nielsen Netview, double the growth of the market, thanks to the company's continual commitment to innovation, to the modernisation of the web sites, and to the good performance of the portals.

In this period, Vocento has reinforced its strategic commitment to the Internet with the acquisition of a shareholding in 11870.com, which is an innovative play in the online directories market, based on a national brand for local consumption.

There was generalised growth across Group portals in the period, with highlights being the performance of ABC.es, which tripled the growth rate of its competitors, of Que.es, which now has over 1.3 million unique users, and the growth in the critical mass of pisos.com, which is consolidating its place in the leading positions of the ranking.


Vocento is a leading multimedia company in Spain, thanks to the strength of its brands, which have a significant presence in all areas of information and entertainment, including the press, supplements, magazines, television, radio, audiovisual production, movie distribution, and the Internet.

The national, regional and local positioning of Vocento, its commitment to innovation, and the strength of its brands, enable the Company to extend its reach beyond its competitors, covering over 24.6 million people, according to the EGM. For more information, go to Vocento.com