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Vocento consolidates its online leadership of the media sector

  • The portals of the Company have reported a combined increase in audience of 15% in the last year
  • ABC.es is growing at a rate of 79%, well above the competition

Madrid, 11 September 2009.- For the second consecutive month, Vocento is at the top of the online ranking of media companies, and is consolidating its position as the fastest growing company online over the last twelve months, with its audience up 15%, ahead of its closest competitors, Unedisa, up 11%, and Prisacom, up 3%, according to Nielsen Online.

The growth of Vocento on the Internet, with 8.2 million unique users in August, is the result of the strong performance of its three business areas - information and news portals, thematic portals, and classified advertising (automotive, employment, and real estate) - and is also due to the Company's continuous commitment to innovation and to the leadership of its brands in their areas of influence.

Growth in unique users, YoY August 09 vs August 08

In the area of information portals, ABC.es is the fastest growing national daily online, with its readership up 79% from August last year, well ahead of its competition: elmundo.es has increased its audience by only 3%, while elpais.com has lost 11% of its audience.

The coverage of H1N1 flu, the Media and Networks channel, the content for travellers and gourmets, and the Web TV audiovisual channels, are examples of the editorial content which has led to the increase in interest from the audience of ABC.es.

Growth in unique users, YoY August 09 vs August 08

Meanwhile, in the course of the last year, Que.es has tripled its audience, thanks, among other innovations, to the rise in the number of users who have joined the news community of the portal, where they can swap videos and images and contribute comments.

The twelve local portals of Vocento continued to be leaders in their respective areas of influence in the last month, thanks largely to their continued commitment to local leisure and to audiovisual content. Highlights of the last twelve months include the increase in the online audience of diariovasco.com, with unique users up by 140%; lavozdigital.es, up 82.6%; elcomerciodigital.com, up 62.6%; nortecastilla.es, up 62%; and elcorreo.com, up 53%.

Vocento is the only media company to have classified advertising portals specialising in Automotive, Employment and Real Estate which areall in the leading positions for each category.

Infoempleo.com is maintaining its commitment to training, associated with the job searches of its users, to supporting freelancers and SMEs, and to adding tools which help candidates better position their resumés.


Pisos.com, Vocento's classified advertising site for the real estate market, had an audience increase of 32% in the last month, up to 800,000 unique users, while the competition reported an average fall of 13% in the same month. In the last twelve months, it has been the fastest growing real estate portal, with its audience up 166%, four times as much as the average for the category.

Meanwhile, Hoymotor, which includes all the portals of the Company for the automotive sector, has grown by 16% in the last year, compared to 8.4% for the sector, according to the audience panel of Nielsen NetView.

The social network based on recommendations

The 11870.com portal, an innovative social network which allows users to discover sites and services based on user recommendations, has grown by 61% in the last year, to 597,000 unique users in August. The portal now has over 16,000 registered users, and more than 100,000 opinions for 80,00 sites and services.

Mujerhoy.com, the company's portal for women, has doubled its audience over the course of the last year, with an increase of 109%, well above the 9.2% average for the category. This strong performance is due to the great success of its online community for women and to innovations such as the Product Testers Club, which has helped the portal offset the seasonality of the month of August.

The economic and financial portal of the Company, Finanzas.com, was able to close the gap in audiences with its two immediate competitors, thanks largely to its very complete section for personal finance and consumers, and to its commitment to weekend editorial content.

The ranking provided by Nielsen Netview is the only measurement tool that measures the audiences of the total Internet market, including portals such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.


Vocento is a leading multimedia company in Spain, thanks to the strength of its brands, which have a significant presence in all areas of information and entertainment, including the press, supplements, magazines, television, radio, audiovisual production, movie distribution, and the Internet.

The national, regional and local positioning of Vocento, its permanent commitment to innovation, and the strength of its brands, enable the Company to extend its reach beyond its competitors, covering over 24.6 million people, according to the EGM. For more information, go to Vocento.com.