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For the third consecutive month, Vocento is the number one media company on the Internet in Spain

  • The portals of the Company have increased their combined audience by a rate of 27.5% in the last year
  • ABC.es is growing by 126.2%, five times more than the competition

Madrid, 14 October 2009.- Madrid, 14 October 2009.- For the third consecutive month, Vocento is at the top of the ranking of media companies on the Internet in Spain, with a rise of 27.5% in audience over the last twelve months, to 9.6 million unique users, which puts the company ahead of its competitors in terms of both audience and the rate of growth, according to Nielsen Online.
The strong performance of Vocento online is due mainly to the Company's permanent commitment to innovation, to the leadership of its brands, and to the continued growth of its three main business areas: news and information portals, thematic portals, and classified advertising (automotive, employment and real estate).

Rise in unique users YoY

In the area of the news portals, ABC.es is the fastest growing daily online, with its audience up 126.2% since September last year, five times more than its competitors, elmundo.es with a 25.2% rise in audience, and elpais.com, up 16.7%.

Rise in unique users YoY

In addition, Que.es has tripled its number of unique users in the last year, based on the consolidation of its online community; the popularity of sharing videos, images and comments; and the creation of new blogs which complement the content of the portal.

For their part, the twelve local portals of Vocento maintained their leadership in September in their respective areas of influence, thanks to their strong commitment to information, covering local news and events, and illustrating these with audiovisual content. Over the last twelve months, the portals with the highest growth rates have been laverdad.es, with its audience up 80.1%; diariovasco.com, 68%; lavozdigital.es, 67.2%; lasprovincias.es, 50%; and Ideal.es, 48.3%.

One of the keys to the leadership of Vocento on the Internet is that it is the only media company whose specialised classified advertising portals in the Automotive, Employment and Real Estate areas are all in the leading positions in each category.

At Infoempleo.com, the growth was reinforced this month by the launch of a tool which allows users to create personal pages which complement their traditional CV with multimedia elements and also to establish a permanent relationship with professionals, and the site achieved a rise in audience of 72.2% in the year to September.

Pisos.com, the web site for classified advertising in the Real Estate market, reached 937,000 unique users in September and is the fastest growing portal over the last twelve months, with its audience up 125.8%, well above its direct competition.

Meanwhile, Hoymotor, which includes all the automotive portals of the Group, up 48.2% in September, double the average of the sector, according to the audience panel of Nielsen NetView.

The 11870.com portal, the innovative social network which suggests sites and services based on user recommendations, grew by 121.2% to 730,000 unique users in the year to September. The portal now has 20,382 registered users and 176,201 opinions on over 100,000 sites and services.

Finally, Mujerhoy.com, the women's portal of the Group, has grown by 84.6% over the last year, well above the average for its category, of 25.9%. This good performance is due to the great success of its online women's community and of its club for product testers that it has recently launched.

The ranking provided by Nielsen Netview is the only instrument that measures the audiences of the total Internet market, including portals such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.


Vocento is a leading multimedia company in Spain, thanks to the strength of its brands, which have a significant presence in all areas of information and entertainment, including the press, supplements, magazines, television, radio, audiovisual production, movie distribution, and the Internet.

The national, regional and local positioning of Vocento, its permanent commitment to innovation, and the strength of its brands, enable the Company to extend its reach beyond its competitors, covering over 24.6 million people, according to the EGM. For more information, go to Vocento.com.