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AEDE welcomes the amendment to the Law on Intellectual Property, which now requires content aggregators to compensate publishers for using their content

Madrid, February 14th 2014.-The association of Spanish newspaper publishers, AEDE, has welcomed the amendments to the Law on Intellectual Property approved by the Spanish government today. The changes will allow aggregators to use fragments of content created by the newspapers, as long as fair compensation is paid to them.

The AEDE has long called for such a measure and for a stable legal framework within which newspaper publishers can operate. According to the association, with this measure the government is paving the way for the rest of Europe to follow and is defending the role of the press as one of the foundations of a democratic society.

Luis Enríquez, the chairman of the AEDE, said that “the government has taken a major step in the right direction. Publishers are not looking for direct aid, but for a legal framework that acknowledges the value of our content, discourages any abuse of the content, and enables us to our carry out our business in legal certainty.”

“The amendments to the Law on Intellectual Property, including the right to compensation from content aggregators, represent the most important measure that a Spanish government has taken to protect the press. I am sure that other countries in Europe will follow the course that that the Spanish government has set.”