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Net TV

Net TV

Vocento, via its stake in Sociedad Gestora de Televisión Net TV S.A., is present in a profitable niche television market with international partners who are global leaders in entertainment, NET TV is a free-to-air digital television platform which is focused on young, interactive, diverse, attractive and innovative programming, helping to keep Spain in the technological vanguard and to develop the Information Society.

The distinguishing features of NET TV include its management capability in the media sector, its experience in developing television content, its technical know-how and its commercial and financial capacities, as well as its proven track record in digital technology and in particular in digital terrestrial television in Spain.

NET TV offers the highest quality DTT service, with two channels it produces and broadcasts end-to-end: Paramount Channel and Disney Channel.

Paramount Channel broadcasts movies free-to-air 24 hours a day, across a range of genres including drama, comedy, action, thrillers, animation, Westerns, horror and classics.

The other channel broadcast by NET TV is Disney Channel, which mainly broadcasts programming for children and the young.