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Inversión & Finanzas

Inversión y Finanzas

This is the leading financial weekly magazine in Spain, providing readers with analysis of the stock market and economy that is characterised by independence and accuracy and by the professionalism of the magazine’s contributors. Inversión & Finanzas has a loyal readership of 53,000 people according to the EGM,* thanks to its differentiated content, with analysis written in an accessible language that can be understood by general readers. It has a print run of over 12.132 copies and circulation of over 4,641 copies (according to the OJD**).

The magazine also has a website which provides financial professionals, companies and retail customers with financial and economic information, including share prices and indices from all the world’s leading stock markets. This web reaches a monthly average of more than 500.000 unique users (Source: ComScore MMX December, 2014).

Inversión & Finanzas also organises the leading trade fair for savings and investment in Spain, Bolsalia in Madrid.

(*) EGM: 3rd mobile survey of 2014
(**) OJD: January-December 2014