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In March 2013, the strategic radio agreement between COPE and Vocento began operating. Both groups have agreed on a partnership that will reinforce and defend the common editorial values of the two companies.

The agreement involved the merger of the broadcasters owned by Vocento with the broadcasters of the Cadena COPE network. Both networks share the same programming and formats, which are managed by Cadena COPE. The programmes, presenters and editorial content of Cadena COPE are emphasised in the pages of ABC.

This strategic alliance also includes the presence of ABC journalists and presenters on the main news and opinion programmes of Cadena COPE, and joint work by both editorial teams on issues of common interest.

The two groups have integrated the portals of the radio stations (COPE, Cadena 100 and Rock FM) on the ABC website, to strengthen both media in the competitive online market for information and news.