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With over 750,000 readers* and a print run of over 300,000 copies**, it is one of the major nationwide neswpapers in Spain, with eleven editions and a solid position in Madrid and Seville.

During 2010, ABC has become the first Spanish media property to simultaneously carry out the renewal all of its media, under the slogan "Committed to the future," a future in which once again the reader will be the main value of the newspaper.

As a result, ABC, a leading brand for information delivery, is being read by its readers and users how, where, and when they want, with a new print design, a radical redesign of the web site, and exclusive applications for the iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.


The weekly illustrated magazine Blanco y Negro first came off the presses in early 1903, and two years later became ABC. Its innovative format was a revelation in the press market of the time, because of its name, its size, and its status as a pioneer in the everday use of graphical material.


Its standing has allowed it to become one of the most important newspapers in Spain, and to become a landmark in Spanish journalism in terms of its political, intellectual and cultural influence, based on its high circulation and on its position in society.

ABC is committed to quality, rigour, accuracy and analysis, and the combination of these values delivers a product which, after over one hundred years, continues to be supported by its readers and by the public.

The renewed ABC provides the best information, using new, more visual forms of presentation, based on new typographical and graphical elements that reflect the needs of today's technologies.

In parallel with the constant improvements to the newspaper, ABC is continuing to provide innovatively designed supplements with a diverse range of content: Evasión, Mujer Hoy, Hoy Corazón, Estilo de ABC, ABC Cultural, XL Semanal, Empresa or Los Domingos de ABC, are being reinvented to appeal to all sectors of the public and respond to their concerns and needs for information.

ABC-UCM Master's in Journalism

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After two decades of experience in teaching this postgraduate course, since 1989, the institutions of ABC and UCM have transformed and adapted the Master's to a new training concept, with traditional journalism and multimedia journalism enjoying the same weight. The amalgamation of paper and online journalism is designed to enable new journalists to be specialised in today's requirement for multimedia journalism.

más info (*) According to information from the first and second survey Estudio General de Medios -EGM- of 2010.
(**) According to data from the Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión -OJD- of 2009.