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Vocento, the leading multimedia communication group, has a strong nationwide presence with ABC, the oldest national newspaper in Spain and a benchmark for domestic and international news. With more than 498.000 readers, it is the only nationwide daily in Spain that is continuing to grow.

(*) EGM: 3rd mobile survey 2014



ABC is the oldest national newspaper in Spain and a benchmark for the Spanish press. It publishes eleven editions, with a major position in both Madrid and Seville. Some of Spain’s leading journalists have contributed and continue to contribute to its pages.

As a leading media brand, ABC reaches 498.000 readers and Internet users (according to the EGM in 2014*), when, where and how they choose. With content, design and channels that fully reflect the wide range of its community of users, the news and opinion provided by ABC make it a leader of the Spanish press. Its print edition has circulation of 128.660 copies (according to the OJD in 2014***), and it also reaches its users with a state-of-the-art website, an exclusive application for mobile phones, and a major presence on the Kiosko y Más platform.


The May 10, 1891 was born Black and White, an illustrated magazine published by Torcuato Luca de Tena. A few years later, in 1903, he launched the newspaper ABC that was printed weekly in the beginning but after two years it became a daily paper. Its innovative format was a major change in the media surrounding for both, its name and its size and also for its pioneer status gained by publishing many graphic material.

Its identity has allowed the newspaper to become one of the most important newspapers in Spain. It was and still is an essential reference point for its political, intellectual and cultural influence and also for its important dissemination and social acceptance.


ABC’s commitment is based on the values of quality, accuracy, truthfulness and analysis. The combination of these values results in a product that, more than one hundred years later, continues to enjoy the support of its readers.


On the Internet, Vocento also runs the ABC website, abc.es. This has become one of the most important media platforms in Spain, thanks to its news coverage, editorial content, innovation, and its level of user participation. ABCdesevilla.es has also recorded an excellent performance over the last year, covering local news and events. ABC’s website has developed a strategy for mobile phones and other devices, so that users can access information when and how they want. The portal is available on all mobile platforms.

The ABC website provides high quality information in new formats of visual information, with typesets and information graphics that reflect the requirements of the requirements of the digital age.

The digital edition provides readers with the best and most up to date content, delivering an experience that combines the experience and skills of ABC with the very latest technologies. It finished the year 2014 with 1.660.000 unique users (according to information of 3er Mobile Year of the EGM 2014).

(*) EGM: 3rd mobile survey of 2014
(**) OJD: January-December 2014

Postgraduate Degree in Journalism ABC-UCM

El Máster de periodismo ABC-UCM

After two decades of running this postgraduate course, since 1989, ABC and UCM have transformed the Master’s in Journalism, adapting it to a new concept of training that gives equal weight to traditional and multimedia journalism. This combination between print and digital journalism helps to specialize today’s journalists for the demands of multimedia journalism.

ABC on Kiosko y más

ABC en kiosko y más

ABC on Kiosko y Más incorporates a range of functionalities, such as allowing users to read tomorrow’s edition the night before, and special content such as cinema, adding to ABC’s offering for Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets and for the Internet. It also offers all the ABC content that cannot always be seen on the Internet, including opinion columns, editorials and more images.

In 2014, the newspaper created ABC in 20. This application answers to the need to be informed in movement, in a little time and across informative keys. ABC in 20 selects the twenty most important information of the newspaper of the day (news, articles, columns of opinion ...) adapted to be consumed in an agile and simple way across a Smartphone in an exclusive app designed by ABC that, during the exercise, obtained a progressive penetration across the agreement with strategic partners as Iberia.

In the last year, ABC obtained an increase of 20 % in subscriptions of payment in Kiosk and More, managing to generate more than 300.000 accesses to the month.