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In the Internet area of National Media, Vocento has Abc.es. ABC.es has consolidated its position as the fastest growing online daily in the last year, according to data from Nielsen Online, thanks to its coverage of news, its editorial content, innovation, and its level of user participation. In addition, ABCdesevilla.es has recorded an excellent performance in the last year, thanks to its coverage of local news and events.

This newspaper has rolled out an integrated strategy for mobility and new devices,so that users can access information at any time, where they want, and how they want. The portal is available on all the new mobile terminals, from the most basic handsets to smart phones. In addition, ABC has developed specific applications for the iPhone and it was the first media company in Spain to develop an application for the Google operating system, Android. For the new devices appearing in the market, ABC is also present on the Kindle (the Amazon e-book reader) and it was the first Spanish media company to develop a specific application for the iPad (the tablet from Apple).

In the market for classified advertising on the Internet, Vocento is present in the three main sectors: in the automotive market, with autocasion.com and unoauto.com, in the employment sector, with infoempleo.com, and in the real estate market, with pisos.com. It also has a general classified advertising site, tusanuncios.com, which is for all second hand advertising on the Internet.

In the directories market, Vocento has 11870.com, an innovative social network which is designed for users to discover sites and services based on recommendations, and which also has a pioneering service for requesting professional quotes.

Vocento's commitment to audiovisual content on the Internet is reflected in dalealplay.com, the first portal in Spanish that is fully dedicated to the upload and download of videos created by users. The site also has professional content on a range of topics of high interest to users, thanks to the cooperation of leading content production companies.

The national offer of Vocento on the Internet is complemented by a series of vertical portals that provide users with in depth information on high interest areas. These thematic portals are leaders in their categories, and also provide content to Group newspapers, including abc.es. These vertical portals are finanzas.com, mujerhoy.com, hoymotor.com and hoycinema.com.