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Veralia, the holding company which groups Vocentos’s audiovisual production units, is responsible for various national and international successes.

The production companies include Europroducciones, which specializes in entertainment formats, BocaBoca Producciones, which produces drama and documentaries, and Hill Valley, for youth content and comedy.

In Spain, Europroducciones TV/Hill Valley achieved a high audience share for their production of one of TVE’s landmark programmes, the New Year special La Puerta del Tiempo, presented by the famous duo Los Morancos.

The entertainment productions of Europroducciones TV included the ‘emotainment’ show Cerca de ti on Canal Sur, presented by singer Merche, and the long-running talent show A tu vera, on Castilla la Mancha Televisión, now in its fifth season, with an exceptional response from the public.

Conexión Samanta and 21 Días, both from BocaBoca, retained high audience figures for their factual coverage of current affairs in an almost documentary format, in which a fine line separates fact from fiction.

Outside Spain, Europroduzione (Italy) achieved spectacular audience figures for the biopic Volare, La Grande storia di Domenico Modugno, which was the most watched show on RAI in the last decade, with more than 10 million viewers for the first chapter and almost de 11.5 million for the second chapter.

The company had continuing successes with Mezzogiorno in famiglia and Tutte le strade portano… in which comedian Maurizio Battista travelled to four cities around the world. Both of these were productions for RAI DUE. International sales were also boosted by the sale of the 21 Días format from BocaBoca to France (France 2) and Canada (TV5).

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