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Infoempleo is an employment website that combines the traditional service of bringing job candidates and companies together with contemporary social networking for the labour market. It also includes a blog with advice on looking for a job, as well as ideas and offerings related to the job market.

Infoempleo.com is the second most visited employment portal in Spain, with more than 900.000 unique users (according to information of ComScore MMX December, 2014). Over the course of the last year, it carried out a range of actions to enhance its brand and its commitment to supporting users in looking for work and building their professional experience.

Major highlights of this process included improvements to the portal’s services for corporate clients, using Business Intelligence techniques. In addition, a mobile version was launched, to allow users to be updated continuously regardless of their location.

Improvements were also made to the international employment section, where new products and services have been launched to reflect market trends. The portal also organised Tweets&Jobs, a networking event focused on social media, employment and professional development, which was widely reported by the media.