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1. ELECTRONIC RESIDENCE.- In accordance with the terms of Law 25/2011, 1 August, partially reforming the Law on Corporations, the General Shareholder Meeting of VOCENTO, S.A., held on 26 June 2012, approved the company's corporate web page in accordance with the terms of Article 11 bis of the revised text of the Law on Corporations, with this agreement inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid on 2 October 2012, Tome 29,351, Folio 9, Page M-295799, the 76th inscription on this page.

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4. THIRD PARTY SERVICES.- Concerning the mentions of products and services of third parties, Vocento S.A. recognizes their corresponding rights of industrial and intellectual property, but their mention alone or appearance on the website does not imply any responsibility or rights to these for Vocento S.A. (even for subsidiaries), and no support, sponsorship or recommendation by Vocento S.A. For information purposes, the mention of the responsible person or entity will be included.

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6.- MEASUREMENT.- This website uses third party tools to measure audiences that enable the analysis of the behaviour and profile of anonymous visitors, in order to improve the functioning of the website and collect statistics. Each entity (Nielsen and OJD) has a specific security policy available on their respective websites (www.acnielsen.es and www.ojd.es).